Immanuel United Church of Christ

Susan Heling – Lay Minister of Elder Care                                                






Friendship visits – when church members are no longer able to attend weekly services, the Lay Minister of Elder Care will be able to make a home visit and touch base with our members. She can do small tasks for the members; get information on services available, or just have a friendly visit.

Hospital visits – when church members are hospitalized, it is a time of added loneliness and fear for them. At such times, a familiar face and caring words can help make a difference in spirit, mind and body.                                       

Home visits after a loss – a loss, of any kind, is especially difficult for those who may feel isolated by distance or time from their families. They need someone to sit with them, to hold their hand, to offer them hope.
The Lay Minister will try to give them the quiet assurance that tomorrow will dawn in the promise of God’s love and care.                                                                                                            

*As lay minister, I will visit with homebound members, bring information from church, and check on needs they may have.
*As lay minister, I will try to “bridge” the isolation gap between the family member and their faith/church community.
*As lay minister, I will encourage individuals to “get out” and interact with the community when possible and 
     take part in programs that are offered by the church.
*As lay minister, I will encourage a sense of purpose in their faith through active participation within their faith community
     and its ministry.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about this visit. I am in the office on Monday mornings, Wednesday and Thursdays all day.
Thank you.
Susan Helng,
Lay Minister of Elder Care


65+ Club

IUCC has an active 65+ group that meets every Wednesday morning and at least once or twice per month for Bingo and "Out to Lunch".  Everyone is invited to attend these events for fun and fellowship.